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Harvest Moon Lovers

I love the Lake Cave! You can go in and get bunches of diamonds and…

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Harvest Moon Lovers!

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I love the Lake Cave! You can go in and get bunches of diamonds and make lots of money! I didn't get Strawberries this winter because I didn't sell enough cabbage. Maybe next year.

I'm so mad they won't let you put the bed on the second floor! That's where the bedroom should be! Instead I had to make it my kitchen. Poo.

I wonder, can you sell the blue feather? Can you drop it on the ground and watch it sink out of existence? Will another show up on the mountain? What happens if you give it to someone of your same sex? Or someone who's not one of the bachelors? Or someone who's not enough hearts? Well, I probably know the answer to that last one, heheheh.

I might just have to save my game and then go have fun with the blue feather.

Does anyone know if you can buy land near the oceanside plot you can get in the beginning? I started on the riverside and then bought land on the oceanside. I moved my main house to the ocean, since I like taking care of my animals first, and I like being able to ride my horse out and then back to my main house. But with the house getting bigger now, the animals are getting a small pasture! Maybe there's a plot across the street I can open up by making friends with the mayor? Something close where I can put my house and still be right next door to my animals?

Also, does anyone know where there's a good list of the townspeople's favorite presents? I've seen ones before but never a very full one. I know that one of Ray's favorite presents is the Moonstone, yet it's not listed anywhere online (that I can find) as one. I'd like to know if easily obtainable items (and cheap ones) are favorite presents and who they are for. I know some people's favorites, but I'd like to know a favorite for all so I can raise their hearts faster. Right now hearts are raising at a very, very slow speed.
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