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Harvest Moon Lovers

Horse Festival!

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Harvest Moon Lovers!

Horse Festival!

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fairy butt
OHMYGOD I did the stupidest thing. My horse, King Lear, got big enough to ride on THE DAY OF THE HORSE FESTIVAL! I was sooooo excited. I go to the festival and the mayor tells me there are four races. He asks if I want to enter the first race with the prize of one month's fodder. I was like, Hell no, I can cut my own fodder. I'll wait for the next one. Too bleeping bad my HORSE didn't qualify for any of the other races. And I hadn't saved the night before, so I couldn't just restart the day. LAME. I was pissed. Oh well. My horsey is big! And I have enough money and lumber to get a bigger barn so I can get more animals! Cows! Sheeps!
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