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May 8th, 2006

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Jezebel (my cow) sometimes gives Good Milk, but sometimes it's just Milk. Is it random, when it will give Good Milk and when it will just be milk? Or will there get to be a point where it will always be Good Milk? Does it have something to do with how soon I milk her after she eats?

So I was going after Alex for a while because he's hot, but was kinda bored with him. There was no one else more interesting though. But then! Carl came to the Moonlight Inn <3 I like him a lot, he is way cute and sweet. He really likes honey, and it sucks because honey restores so much health and I want to use it to mine. I need to find out if there's something else he really likes. I do not have many hearts with him and it's already the middle of summer!

I just bought land over by the ocean lot. There's not enough room on my riverside plot. I had to plant crops across the river. Which was fine, but I also am planning on upgrading my house soon. My animals will have lots of room to run around on the ocean plot.


fairy butt
So my pig is very...curious. Meaning, question marks will pop up over his head and then he'll very slowly snuffle around, and I'll very slowly follow him, and then, very anti-climactic, he'll roll over and go to sleep. I've dug in the spots where he's fallen asleep after snuffling, but don't find anything. Any suggestions?

May 7th, 2006

So in Magical Melody, I've got enough G to get another animal, and I'm debating between sheep and cow. I already have two sheep (Othello and Richard III) and one cow (Lady Macbeth), and while I kind of like the idea of having one madam cow, they give you more money than sheep. But sheep are my favorite. They bounce.
Also, I have a Level 1 barn and four animals. When I go to the ranch to buy animals and click on "buy calf", it makes the "errrr!" noise and says, "A new animal in the barn." What the hell does that mean? It won't let me buy any more livestock!
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