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Harvest Moon Lovers!

Harvest Moon Meadow

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Ever played Harvest Moon? We have! Come join enthusiasts of the game and make friends all over the world! Friendly members and staff make this site one of the best forums around. Join the RPG or just hang out, it's up to you.

We're currently looking for RPers and even just some more fans of the series. Right now we're just a forum, but our site has been in production for the last month and it's coming along nicely. ^^

I hope to see you there!

Background on the Meadow: The Meadow used to be a big HM fansite back in 2003 to 2004, it went offline when its creator went off to college. However it came back in 2007 (board only) and has been around since then. If you were a member back then all the old accounts and posts can be viewed in the HMM Archives. ^_^


go straight to the forums at 
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