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Harvest Moon Lovers

Introduction from a harvest moon lover and blogger

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Harvest Moon Lovers!

Introduction from a harvest moon lover and blogger

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I've been playing the harvest moon games for years. It's one of my favorite simulations to play. It's so relaxing, and I think Magical Melody is as close to a perfect Harvest Moon game as you can get.

I have a blog that I like to post my Harvest Moon strategies to. Right now, there are only posts for Magical Melody, as that's the one I'm currently playing. (I hope to get more variety in the future, and branch out beyond Harvest Moon and make it a general gaming blog, full of tips and strategies for all games that I play.)

I decided to create this blog for a few reasons. One, I had a lot of tricks that I never saw mentioned too often on other communities. Namely, how to use the gold level watering can. Most would rather just skip its use entirely because it's such a strange pattern. I wanted to share that and other strategies I came up with playing the game, hoping that other players might find them useful.

Next, I wanted to create something easy to read than most of the IGN walkthroughs. Something with rich text formatting, good spelling and punctuation, and images and videos to make it easier to understand and find without all the scrolling. And I wanted it to be a place where common questions will be answered without having to go to communities and suffer noob wrath for asking a question that's already been asked before.

I know that right now, there's not a lot of content to see. But I'm still organizing and adding to it, and I hope to have as much information on the game as possible. I will also be posting a FAQ very soon to answer questions that many people seem to be constantly asking.

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