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Harvest Moon Lovers

Have you guys ever watched the beginning movies for Magical Melody?…

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Harvest Moon Lovers!

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Have you guys ever watched the beginning movies for Magical Melody? They're kind of...depressing... o.o

In one of them, you're happy with your sheep but then suddenly it's sick. And then all of your animals are sick. In another one, your horses are running and they almost run over the mayor and then he yells at you. In another one, Jamie's dog chases you, and then she yells at it, and then you're like thanks Jamie, and she's like urrrg hate you, and you're annoyed. And then in another one you're sitting at the dock waiting for the dolphin but it never comes and then you're annoyed.

Just thought that was kinda weird.

In other news, I finally found one of Carl's most favorite items that's not uber-expensive: yams! I will have to grow more of them. Eggplants are really great, thanks to whoever recommended them to me!

Does anyone know, when you want to get married, will your large bed have to go in your first house?

I thought this was funny. On the Full Moon Festival (Magical Melody), this is how Carl asked me to go: "Let's go view the moon together, it reminds me of a pancake." Heh heh.
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