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Harvest Moon Lovers

Can't find them.

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Harvest Moon Lovers!

Can't find them.

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Have any of you have found any luck finding clams?
I've heard that if you did next to the water by the ocean, you can dig up clams.

Well, I've spent many days whacking away with my hoe by the water, and found nothing.
Not only that, but the soil..or sand, doesn't get plowed. And I've noticed that a square of land needs to be plowed before you find anything (like truffles or coin)

Another question you guys may help out with, is the high spirits note. You need to drink some wine/alcoholic beverage, 10 times..but I can't find where they sell the drink. The winery isn't selling anything...and it's not at the bar/pub thing whatever.

So, any help you can give, will be greatly appreciated.
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