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Harvest Moon Lovers

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Harvest Moon Lovers!



June 13th, 2011

Ever played Harvest Moon? We have! Come join enthusiasts of the game and make friends all over the world! Friendly members and staff make this site one of the best forums around. Join the RPG or just hang out, it's up to you.

We're currently looking for RPers and even just some more fans of the series. Right now we're just a forum, but our site has been in production for the last month and it's coming along nicely. ^^

I hope to see you there!

Background on the Meadow: The Meadow used to be a big HM fansite back in 2003 to 2004, it went offline when its creator went off to college. However it came back in 2007 (board only) and has been around since then. If you were a member back then all the old accounts and posts can be viewed in the HMM Archives. ^_^


go straight to the forums at 

October 26th, 2010

I've been playing the harvest moon games for years. It's one of my favorite simulations to play. It's so relaxing, and I think Magical Melody is as close to a perfect Harvest Moon game as you can get.

I have a blog that I like to post my Harvest Moon strategies to. Right now, there are only posts for Magical Melody, as that's the one I'm currently playing. (I hope to get more variety in the future, and branch out beyond Harvest Moon and make it a general gaming blog, full of tips and strategies for all games that I play.)

I decided to create this blog for a few reasons. One, I had a lot of tricks that I never saw mentioned too often on other communities. Namely, how to use the gold level watering can. Most would rather just skip its use entirely because it's such a strange pattern. I wanted to share that and other strategies I came up with playing the game, hoping that other players might find them useful.

Next, I wanted to create something easy to read than most of the IGN walkthroughs. Something with rich text formatting, good spelling and punctuation, and images and videos to make it easier to understand and find without all the scrolling. And I wanted it to be a place where common questions will be answered without having to go to communities and suffer noob wrath for asking a question that's already been asked before.

I know that right now, there's not a lot of content to see. But I'm still organizing and adding to it, and I hope to have as much information on the game as possible. I will also be posting a FAQ very soon to answer questions that many people seem to be constantly asking.


July 11th, 2006

(no subject)

I love the Lake Cave! You can go in and get bunches of diamonds and make lots of money! I didn't get Strawberries this winter because I didn't sell enough cabbage. Maybe next year.

I'm so mad they won't let you put the bed on the second floor! That's where the bedroom should be! Instead I had to make it my kitchen. Poo.

I wonder, can you sell the blue feather? Can you drop it on the ground and watch it sink out of existence? Will another show up on the mountain? What happens if you give it to someone of your same sex? Or someone who's not one of the bachelors? Or someone who's not enough hearts? Well, I probably know the answer to that last one, heheheh.

I might just have to save my game and then go have fun with the blue feather.

Does anyone know if you can buy land near the oceanside plot you can get in the beginning? I started on the riverside and then bought land on the oceanside. I moved my main house to the ocean, since I like taking care of my animals first, and I like being able to ride my horse out and then back to my main house. But with the house getting bigger now, the animals are getting a small pasture! Maybe there's a plot across the street I can open up by making friends with the mayor? Something close where I can put my house and still be right next door to my animals?

Also, does anyone know where there's a good list of the townspeople's favorite presents? I've seen ones before but never a very full one. I know that one of Ray's favorite presents is the Moonstone, yet it's not listed anywhere online (that I can find) as one. I'd like to know if easily obtainable items (and cheap ones) are favorite presents and who they are for. I know some people's favorites, but I'd like to know a favorite for all so I can raise their hearts faster. Right now hearts are raising at a very, very slow speed.

May 23rd, 2006

(no subject)

fairy butt
So I just stopped playing Another Wonderful Life cause it's so lame. I need Magical Melody! I want to update on my hearts with Ray and my sheep and cows and (sad face). Alyssa! Hurry up and do all that can be done so you can send it to me!!!
When I get my paycheck next week I'm buying it. And then you need to send me a copy of my game on a memory card. Or I'll hunt you down.
All work and...no...farming...makes Meghan...AAAAAAAANGRRYYYYYYYY!

May 22nd, 2006

Hi! I'm looking for a copy of Magical Melody for less than the average store price (which is around $30). Would anybody be willing to sell?

(no subject)

Have you guys ever watched the beginning movies for Magical Melody? They're kind of...depressing... o.o

In one of them, you're happy with your sheep but then suddenly it's sick. And then all of your animals are sick. In another one, your horses are running and they almost run over the mayor and then he yells at you. In another one, Jamie's dog chases you, and then she yells at it, and then you're like thanks Jamie, and she's like urrrg hate you, and you're annoyed. And then in another one you're sitting at the dock waiting for the dolphin but it never comes and then you're annoyed.

Just thought that was kinda weird.

In other news, I finally found one of Carl's most favorite items that's not uber-expensive: yams! I will have to grow more of them. Eggplants are really great, thanks to whoever recommended them to me!

Does anyone know, when you want to get married, will your large bed have to go in your first house?

I thought this was funny. On the Full Moon Festival (Magical Melody), this is how Carl asked me to go: "Let's go view the moon together, it reminds me of a pancake." Heh heh.

May 20th, 2006

So, after my lovely friend took my Magical Melody away for the summer (wink wink, lurve you), I resorted to renting Another Wonderful Life and ganking another friend's Gamecube for the entire summer on which to play it. Too bad he didn't loan me a memory card, so I've just been keeping the Gamecube running. :\ Anyway. I forgot how lame A Wonderful Life is. Well, ok, it's pretty and fun, but so damn EASY that it's ridiculous. Plus, the girl version is exactly the same but for a few things that I've found so far:
1. The girl character is taller and seems to move more quickly, enough to throw me off.
2. The far field at the edge of the farm is no longer a field, but a little patch of trees (weird).
3. The townsfolk don't make their trademark noises when you speak to them. I didn't realize how effective that is in establishing a character. I miss Marlin's weird orgasmic moan when he talks to me. (Aw.)

I got bored after like half an hour, which is sad. Because I can play MM for god knows how many hours straight and not even know it but for the ache in my ass.

May 15th, 2006

Can't find them.

Have any of you have found any luck finding clams?
I've heard that if you did next to the water by the ocean, you can dig up clams.

Well, I've spent many days whacking away with my hoe by the water, and found nothing.
Not only that, but the soil..or sand, doesn't get plowed. And I've noticed that a square of land needs to be plowed before you find anything (like truffles or coin)

Another question you guys may help out with, is the high spirits note. You need to drink some wine/alcoholic beverage, 10 times..but I can't find where they sell the drink. The winery isn't selling anything...and it's not at the bar/pub thing whatever.

So, any help you can give, will be greatly appreciated.

May 12th, 2006

OHMYGOD I did the stupidest thing. My horse, King Lear, got big enough to ride on THE DAY OF THE HORSE FESTIVAL! I was sooooo excited. I go to the festival and the mayor tells me there are four races. He asks if I want to enter the first race with the prize of one month's fodder. I was like, Hell no, I can cut my own fodder. I'll wait for the next one. Too bleeping bad my HORSE didn't qualify for any of the other races. And I hadn't saved the night before, so I couldn't just restart the day. LAME. I was pissed. Oh well. My horsey is big! And I have enough money and lumber to get a bigger barn so I can get more animals! Cows! Sheeps!

May 11th, 2006

(no subject)

So an ear of corn, in fertile soil, without fertilizer, sells for $300. You won't be able to get to the middle ear of corn, since corn grows continuously. But if you only buy one packet of seeds, that's $2400. For one harvest. Corn grows continuously, so you'll get several harvests. Summer is a good time for crops, it seems.

Anyone know of any other good money-making crops? Say, for fall or winter? Hehe.
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